PKP S.A. does not perform transport services. The following subsidiaries are the Group’s railway operators:

  • PKP Intercity – operates passenger transportation both on international and long lines;
  • SKM Trójmiasto – operates commuter transportation in the Tri-City area;
  • PKP Cargo – operates freight transportation.

The railway transportation operators cooperate within the PKP Group with the companies providing telecommunication and IT services – TK Telekom and PKP Informatyka. Through this collaboration, among other accomplishments, a search engine was established for available railway services and dynamic information systems at the biggest railway stations in Poland. The Group also consists of the infrastructure manager PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe . The company maintains the quality of the railway lines and is responsible for a large-scale, nation-wide modernisation programme. PKP PLK is also the coordinator of the preparation of railway timetables for domestic operators, setting the annual track access charges and oversees the operation of more than 6,000 trains a day. PKP S.A. supervises the activities of the Group and is the real estate manager.