Train main station in Poznan

You’re an investor, an entrepreneur or a private individual looking for attractive real estate? You will find something in our offer! PKP S.A. manages over 100 thousand properties: for sale and for rent, sites and spaces for advertising banners and billboards, in city centres, on the outskirts of cities, in small towns and villages.

Fell invited to take a look at our offers regarding real estate for sale, real estate for rent, as well as advertisements at railway stations and on the Internet. 

Supervision over properties is exercised by the Real Estate Division of PKP S.A. It is composed of six departments which are responsible, among other things, for the sale of properties, rental of commercial and advertising space, property management, maintenance of order and safety at railway stations and other facilities, carrying out state- and EU-financed investment projects, cooperation with external partners on construction projects, construction survey services for closed areas and cooperation with local governments.

Sale of real estate includes:
•    Sale of investment plots
•    Sale of apartments, commercial premises, office buildings and office space, holiday resorts, sports facilities, etc.
•    Sale of closed railway stations

Commercialisation of real estate includes:
•    Rental/ lease of space at railway stations
•    Rental/ lease of storage facilities, commercial premises and office space
•    Rental of advertising space
•    Providing space for organisers of cultural events

Maintenance of real estate includes:
•    Outsourcing of the management and administration of properties
•    Commissioning of services in the field of minor construction and renovation works, construction supervision, acceptance and settlement of construction works
•    Outsourcing of services related to the maintenance of cleanliness at railway stations and other properties
•    Outsourcing of services related to the protection of properties

Investments include:
•    Carrying out construction projects in cooperation with external partners
•    Reconstruction and modernisation of railway stations from own, budgetary and EU resources

Registration of real estate includes:
•    Maintenance of PKP S.A. real estate register
•    Outsourcing services in the scope of demolition of useless properties and sale of scrap metal and other demolition materials
•    Management of the residential resources of PKP S.A.
•    Establishment of transmission and access easement on the properties of PKP S.A.

Land surveying and cooperation with local governments include:
•    Disposal of properties useless from the viewpoint of activity carried out by the PKP Group companies for the benefit of local governments, including:
- local railway stations 
- railway tracks and land left from closed lines, e.g. for conducting tourist transport or construction of cycling paths
- other non-commercial properties, e.g. roads, plots of land, etc.
•    Running the Railway Land Survey Documents and Cartography Centre
•    Running the Railway Team for Coordinating Project Documents
•    Cooperation in the preparation of local spatial development plans and other planning documents for the properties of PKP S.A.