Train main station

Do you want to open a shop or a catering establishment at a railway station? Are you looking for a storage facility, office or space for advertisement? PKP S.A. rents properties for various purposes and in attractive locations. Our department is responsible for the lease and rental of properties. The unit consists of a head office and six regional offices responsible for the rental of properties in the particular region of the country.

What do we do?

  • We manage the lease and rental of PKP S.A. properties, among others at strategic railway stations (Warszawa Centralna, Warszawa Wschodnia, Wrocław Główny, Poznań Nowy Główny, Gdynia Główna, Gdańsk Główny, Katowice and Kraków Główny railway stations);
  • maintain contact and build relations with key business partners;
  • look actively for lessees, conclude agreements, cooperate with real estate agencies;
  • cooperate with companies operating passenger railway traffic in the scope of conclusion, termination and amendment of lease agreements as well as concluding agreements concerning the participation of lessees in the costs of maintenance of shared spaces at railway stations;
  • analyse the advertising potential of properties managed by PKP S.A. and conclude agreements with advertisers;
  • make analyses concerning the income potential of properties owned by the Company.