The scope of providing assistance to persons with reduced mobility at the station

PKP S.A. does not guarantee adaptation of the carrier's rolling stock to the needs of a person with reduced mobility. For this purpose, the interested passenger should report the need of travel assistance to the carrier a minimum of 48 hours before the planned trip, choosing one of the following ways:

  • telephone the carrier's helpline,
  • by electronic means to the e-mail address indicated by the carrier or via an application form (if the carrier provides the opportunity to be notified electronically).

Legal basis: Regulation No 1371/2007 of the European Parliament and Council of 23 October 2007 on rail passengers' rights and obligations.

A person with reduced mobility should arrive at the station within no less than 30 minutes before the planned departure of the train, in order to be able to safely reach the train.

The meeting place is the main hall of the station in the part marked with special information as a place of waiting for people with reduced mobility. The employees responsible for physical protection of the station assist a person with reduced mobility when moving around the station grounds, platforms, underground passages, footbridges and other communication routes where pedestrians are allowed to move (not only areas for official use) In the case of disembarking from the train, security staff wait for the passenger on the platform at which the train with the above-mentioned person stops.

Assistance of railway station security staff takes place from the passenger's waiting place to the train's door, or from the train’s door which is carrying the above-mentioned person to a marked place at the station or to the main exit from the station area. During the entry and exit to and from the train help and assistance is provided by the train’s crew.

Do you need help of the station staff? Search for the meeting point (after prior notification)

There is also a possibility to report the need of help only to move around the station by calling accordingly earlier to tel. 22 474 13 13 or by e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - within up to 30 minutes of accepting the application, the security staff at a given station will be ready to help a person in need. PKP S.A. reserves the right to not perform the service in the event of security staff implementing intervention activities. Some stations are also equipped with wheelchairs and the assistance service can be provided with their help. Stations where you can use the wheelchair assistance service have been underlined.

A short film that explains how assistance at the station works.

List of stations where help is provided *:

Bielsko-Biała Główna,
Bydgoszcz Główna,
Częstochowa Osobowa,
Częstochowa Stradom,
Gdańsk Główny, due to modernization works carried out until 14/09/2018, it will not be possible to provide services for those traveling with disabilities who use the ramp on active platforms no. 1 and 2.
Gdynia Główna,
Gorzów Wielkopolski,
Iława Główna,
Jelenia Góra,
Kłodzko Główne,
Kraków Główny,
Łódź Fabryczna
Łódź Kaliska,
Łódź Widzew,
Mińsk Mazowiecki,
Olsztyn Główny,
Opole Główne,
Ostrów Wielkopolski,
Piła Główna,
Piotrków Trybunalski,
Poznań Główny,
Przemyśl Główny,
Rzeszów Główny,
Stargard Szczeciński,
Szczecin Główny,
Tarnowskie Góry,
Toruń Wschodni,
Wałbrzych Miasto,
Warszawa Centralna,
Warszawa Śródmieście,
Warszawa Wileńska,
Warszawa Wschodnia, Due to the fact that platforms at Warszawa Wschodnia station do not provide an adequate level of service for people with limited mobility, we suggest using the nearest facility that has the appropriate facilities (including Warszawa Centralna, Warszawa Zachodnia, Warszawa Stadion).
Warszawa Zachodnia,
Wrocław Główny,
Zielona Góra.

* - In the case of station renovation related to the necessity of its closure, the provision of assistance at the station may be suspended.